David’s Digest 1 – Embrace Neurodiversity: Jen Gillies Pemberton Ep1

I have started a new mini-series for you who don’t have time to catchup on full features and I am so excited to share with you. It’s called David’s Digest.

They are short sharp digestible junks of wisdom by previous guests. There’s no better way to kick start it than with an appearance from episode 1 guest: Jen Gillies Pemberton.

Jen is the Founder and CEO of ANTZ UK – a social change organisation. In this snippet – she shares her battle with the perceptions being a CEO AND neurodiverse. She was told by society, catalysed by her upbringing, that those terms cannot and should not go together.

Well believe me – you’ll soon learn from Jen why they DO and SHOULD – and how being neurodiverse enhances her role! What a powerful episode that you can catch up in full here: