Hi, I’m Maymi Asgari

Verified TikToker, Lecturer, Football Freestyler

I am a 23-year-old girl studying sociology at Aalborg University. In addition to my full-time studies, I have the coolest work and hobby in the world; FOOTBALL AND FREESTYLE. I’ve been playing football since I was very little, and the sport has had a very big influence on my life.

I grew up in an environment where it wasn’t typical for girls with my background to do a male-dominated sport, and for this reason I have experienced many prejudices about my gender and choice of sport. It is no secret that I also have a minority background and therefore I have also faced many prejudices about my ethnicity, religion and appearance. All those prejudices have helped to develop me as a human being, and today I will do everything in my power to ensure that the next generation of youth do not experience the same as I did.

No kid should grow up thinking that their dream isn’t valid. No matter gender, background, religion, ethnicity or appearance all kids should have the right to know that their dreams is valid. Would you like to hear more about my story, what I have experienced through my upbringing and how I have handled it, you can book me for a lecture.


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